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Biosignals at the PhD Open Days

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

In November 14 and 15, two of our PhD Students were sharing their creative ideas at the Técnico PhD Open Days. They shared their research on biosignals on both pitches and poster sessions.


Trying to unveil the secret to predict epileptic seizures, Mariana Abreu shares her work to colleagues and friends. Epileptic seizures are periods of abnormal brain activity, which condition patients daily life. Mariana Abreu is proposing a wearable chestband to be used all-day, that continuously looks for seizure activity in the patient's electrocardiogram (ECG), and, eventually, raises alarms. This ambitious solution could very well change the way patients with epilepsy live and work. To know more about the PreEpiSeizures project contact [email protected] .

Joining her was Patrícia Bota, whose work explores the mysteries of human emotion. Patricia has proposed several devices to recognise human emotion and arousal, including the EmotiphAI wristband. She has acquired multiple data in cinema sessions, which you can participate at IST Diferencial Movie Sessions. To know more about this exciting project contact [email protected] .

We are rooting for Mariana and Patricia, who are going to defend their Doctoral Theses next year, with two major impacts in engineering.

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