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Congratulations Taguspark

Last weekend, our ScientISSTs had the chance to participate in the celebrations of the 22nd anniversary of Campus Taguspark and present a live demo of the projects: - EmotiphAI, PhysioLounge, and Smart Stethoscope.


The most recent campus of Instituto Superior Técnico has completed 22 years. It was created with the vision of bringing academia closer to industry and companies, hence its location nearby the Tasguspark Oeiras. ScientISST was invited to participate in the celebrations and 3 of our projects were shared with the colleagues.

Featured Projects


A system for emotion recognition


An office chair for posture monitoring

Smart Stethoscope

A low-cost device for pre-screening heart disorders

It was indeed a very multidisciplinary experience and we hope to see one year more. Thank you to Campus Taguspark for the opportunity, and happy birthday.

Here are some pictures and videos of the event:

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