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Python library for easy managing and processing of large Long-Term Biosignals. Based on top of BioSPPy.


The LongTermBiosignals (LTBio) framework was created with the goal of abstracting programming technicalities in mind: to manage all long-term biosignals and to deal with all the analysis process for you. The days of infinite debugging of data structures and np.shape errors are officially over!

The need arose in the context of multi-biosignal monitoring in Epilepsy, where acquisitions can last for several days. This not only requires the handling of multiple modalities (sometimes with different sampling rates) but also the handling of very large volumes of data with interruptions.

The framework

The LTBio framework handles these challenges and even facilitates other common task such as storing metadata, biosignal processing, feature extraction, event annotation, and machine learning tasks.

Check out the full project and how to use this incredible tool on GitHub: or get it directly through PyPI:

pip install LongTermBiosignals

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Technologies Used

ScientISST BioSPPy

Team of ScientISSTs

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